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Scrollbar Generator

    This utility helps you to create a script that make your scrollbars colorful.
    You can also change scrollbars color, moving cursor over. 

    Guide: Put the generated script on the <body> part of your web page. Lets note
    that this script works with IE5.5+, other browsers just ignore it.

    Color table: Enter the color number or click on a cell to choose your   

    Chosen color

1. Set color for your scrollbars when it is actived (mouse over). Tip: you would
better set the face color lighter the line color.

    Line color
    Face color

2. And set the colors for scrollbars in normal state here, choose the color you like
from above table and click Set Color:

    Line color
    Face color

3. Finally set a type of scrollbars you want and click Generate Source Code,
you will see the illustration on scrollbars around:

    Flat scrollbars            3D scrollbars


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